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There are many cleaning and sealing companies to pick from here in Florida.
HOWEVER, they ARE NOT all created equal!

The Respectable Group, is a woman owned and operated boutique-style company that offers “White Glove” level service to all their customers and is experienced at cleaning and sealing the exterior surfaces of some of the most expensive homes in the area. We pride ourselves on doing things differently than the “norm”, as we provide a level of service that most customers in south, west Florida have never experienced before. We are known for “leaving no stone unturned” with respect to the attention to detail we provide, as well as the level of customer service we offer.

We use the finest commercial grade products available on the market today, as well as top of the line equipment (including hot water/ steam pressure washers) which allows us to do jobs much better (and without causing damage) than other service companies.

All of our current and previous customers would agree and will be more than happy to tell you that themselves. A full list of references will gladly be provided with EVERY estimate.

Some of the things that make The Respectable Group different..

  • We utilize the best state-of-the-art equipment and products available on the market today
  • All of our technicians are highly trained in whatever issue may arise on the job site
  • Every employee within our company has passed a rigorous background check and is vetted by management
    through multiple meetings and a thorough investigation process before they are hired.
  • Jobs are thoroughly inspected throughout the entire process by one of the owners or a manager to ensure a
    top-quality result on EVERY job
  • Our attention to detail from the time we set up, to the time we break down, is unsurpassed in the industry
  • We carry $4,000,000 worth of liability insurance and every employee is covered by workers comp, in an effort to
    protect our customers liability




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