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Why You Get What You Pay For

Most customers we talk with tell us they have always thought that sealing their pavers was just about “cosmetics” or “curb appeal.” Although sealing pavers does enhance the pavers natural look by making them look richer and their natural colors “pop more”, that is secondary to the fact that sealing pavers protects them and therefore, your investment.

The harsh Florida weather, especially the scorching hot sun and hard tropical rain, deteriorates the surface of your pavers. The sun strips your pavers of their natural color by “bleaching out” the color with its UV rays and the hard tropical rain we experience here deteriorates the top fine layer of the stone (the “cream layer”) which holds most of the stones color and a much finer finish, than the rest of the stone beneath it. Without seal to protect them, your pavers color will fade, and the rain will eat away at the cream layer top which will leave the rougher looking aggregate exposed. Once this happens, you can never reverse it. The only “fix” is replacing the pavers.

When choosing someone to seal your pavers, there are several things to consider:

  • Who will you hire to do the sealing?
  • What type and quality of products will they use?
  • What cleaning, sanding and sealing process will they use?
  • What kind of guarantee/warranty will they provide?
  • Do they offer an ongoing affordable maintenance plan?

When looking to hire someone to seal your pavers you have a few options:

  • Hire a “Chuck with a truck” type person – This is a guy with no real formal training who woke up one day and decided he wanted to start his own business. He goes to Home Depot or Lowes and purchases a small pressure washer, slaps some magnetic signs on his truck that say “paver sealing” and he tells potential customers that he is experienced and can do a wonderful job at a much lower price.
  • Hire a pressure washing company, a landscaping company or a local handyman, that also does some paver sealing – These are people and companies that specialize in OTHER SERVICES that want an additional profit stream, so they decided to add paver sealing to their services. Again, they have had no formal training and tell customers that they are experienced and can do a wonderful job at a much lower price.
  • Hire a company that SPECIALIZES in paver sealing and has the formal training and expertise needed to do a truly professional job – This is a professional company who’s total paver sealing, paver cleaning, paver stripping and paver repair business, is at least 90% of all the work they do. They will have the proper insurance needed to protect their customers potential liability and actually be able to prove they have it when asked. They will use ONLY the best quality products when servicing their customers to make sure that there are no issues after they leave, and they will offer a superior level of customer service. They will actually be there and pick up the phone when a customer calls with a concern, and they will be responsive, if a customer needs something. I equate this to how we all think about the doctors we use. Would you go to your General Practice doctor to operate on a brain tumor? No. you would go to a neurosurgeon who specializes in that surgery. You are going to pay a little more for the neurosurgeon because he or she is a SPECIALIST in that field, and has more training and experience in that area than your G.P.


Paver sealing is just like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. You can certainly find people to do the job for less money because their overhead is less. These people very often don’t have the same level of training or experience the TRUE professionals do, they use lower quality products and they water them down in an effort to cut costs, they don’t maintain the proper levels of insurance that they need to, to truly protect their customers, and a lot of times when customers reach out to them with a concern or an issue a month or two later, either they don’t return calls or they are already out of business.

That is why 30% of the business we do here at the Respectable Group is assisting customers in fixing problems that other less experienced contractors have caused.

By hiring the Respectable Group, you get SUPERIOR QUALITY and experience at a reasonable price. Just ask some of our current customers, they will be happy to tell you that themselves!!

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